2018 Reflections: Twisted Branches With Buds of Hopeful Gifts in 2019


Can’t help but look at these twisted, frosted but bare, branches as a reflection of 2018. It was a year of loss and some hard times for me personally. I want to move on from it but also want to acknowledge and note the hardness and emptiness this year had because I hope in 2019 a new season will blossom for us that will be filled with a lot of beautiful moments and life events that will be even richer and more joy filled because of the path walked in 2018 and the gifts from these experiences.

Losing our sweet, Kevin, my brother in law, is obviously the most painful part of this year and will be how I remember 2018. While the pain won’t go away when the clock strikes midnight tonight, I do feel the gift of peace. I have felt the prayers and our “community” come around us. I hope to take that gift into 2019 and find a bit of the light here that Kevin is experiencing up there.

I was told when grieving you are even more open to these spiritual gifts and the shift that happens in your perspective and in this time a bit of soulful awakening.  More on this at a later post but I hope to continue this journey in 2019 as it is worth investing in and benefiting from. I wish this for all of you reading this as well.

Job decisions and the end of an era at my favorite job (so far), friends moving away, health challenges for dear friends, surgeries for both my parents and the loss of our sweet family dog, Charlie, all these things felt like big losses.

These losses have opened opportunities for a *NEW*year, a new role on a new brand team at work in a new office. Travel to new places to see old friends this year. And finally, two new puppies joining our family.  Guster, our new sweet pup, has already brought to us so much light and joy to help our home transition into a new, happier season of life.

Guster, our dog, is named after our favorite band, Guster and they ironically, released their album “Hard Times”, this year.

The hard times won’t necessarily stop in 2019, a fresh calendar page won’t cure cancer, heal struggle or bring back loved ones. You don’t get a bad year and then, get a good one, that would be fair and life isn’t. You don’t get to walk a hard season and then, only have good seasons for the rest of time. But I do know the hard times teach you a lot and open your eyes to allow more good moments and teach you to live in gratitude everyday. We are so blessed and we will continue to count those blessings and gifts in 2019.

Wishing you all peace, health and joy in 2019! I’m not sure if we are “ready for you ‘19” or “coming for ya” but we are certainly grateful for another year and will cautiously, quietly and graciously step into the new year accepting whatever may come.

Que sera sera! (whatever will be, will be)

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