We only had a long weekend to do both Grand Canyon and Sedona, so we decided to spend more of our time in Sedona (don’t miss all about Sedona here). But we had to check the Grand Canyon off our bucket list!

I could tell Jimmy was excited because even though we landed at 2:30am on east coast time, he was up early Saturday waking me up with his boots already on. So off we went on our Jeep rental for the 3.5 hour drive North. As you get closer, the road turns into a one lane road (Tip: I hear traffic can back up hours around there to get into the park, heed our advice and go at an off time of the year, as we did, we only saw Cattle).

As you follow signs to the entrance of the park, you get a ticket ($30/vehicle or FREE for military) and then, you’re all set to go in drive a bit to find a parking spot (another reason to go at an off time).

Since we only had a few hours, we decided to walk about an hour on the South Rim. As you walked closer you started to sense the grandeur and magnificent beauty you were about to witness.

And there she was, in every direction you looked for as far as you could see, miles of canyon all with a different take on formation lines, colors, and points. It was stunning. We stayed as long as we could before my fingers were going to freeze and both agreed to come back one day to hike down into the canyon…apparently that is where the real magic of the canyon is.

Besides it being cold with snow and ice in spots, it was a great time to come because the crowds weren’t too bad. You just had to watch your step as to not slip (and I should have been better prepared with warmer clothing).

Fun memory: As I was walking in front of Jimmy he says “oops I fell” and I turned around and he was holding out a pair of earrings he had surprised me with for my 30th birthday. I was shocked and I am NEVER surprised-can’t believe he finally got me. It was good pay back for the surprise party I threw him a few weeks ago.

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