I usually dread January and wish it away. It usually feels heavy with pressures of resolutions and planning. Typically filled with dark, long days and freezing mornings.

This year I took a new approach to January.

Instead of rushing back to work after Christmas, I took the week off. Instead of stressing to take down Christmas decorations, we waited until Epiphany and enjoyed the entire season and the REAL meaning of it. Instead of setting resolutions on New Year’s Day, I made slow tweaks throughout the month. Instead of planning every weekend, I left room for slow days which led to free time to snuggle my new niece.  Instead of setting personal deadlines, I let go of them and didn’t beat myself up over it. Instead of planning expensive date nights, we cooked at home then, went for walks around town or made church + brunch a date (like we did in the photos above). Instead of trying to book an escape, we stayed in and  s l o w e d down.

It was worth it. This month flew by for us and with extremely busy seasons in our careers I am so glad we took the time to let go  and purposefully s l o w the pace in our personal lives.Although, I’m craving Vitamin-D, there is still light to be found in January.

As the story of Epiphany goes, the three magi noticed an unusual new star and followed it. This month I learned, sometimes YOU have to BE the star and bring the light.

Be Kind,


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