I love nothing more than a good themed tablescape. It’s my love language. Football is one of my favorite themes and today is is the biggest football celebration of all. Luckily, Super Bowl LI includes two great American cities, Atlanta and Boston.  This means beyond the normal football foods I got creative with a nod to each city through desserts.

If you are rooting for the Atlanta Falcons, this Peach Pie is for you! I love some Georgia peaches and don’t forget to include the sweet tea! Although peaches are a little out of season, we were able to source a few!

If you are feeling more patriotic, you might enjoy this Boston Cream Pie for the New England team. Just because Tom Brady and Gisele don’t eat sugar, doesn’t mean you have to avoid it.

Maybe you don’t care who wins and are just watching the game for the food and halftime show. In this case, GaGa Guac is for you. Let’s see what Lady GaGa comes up with during the halftime show tonight.

One thing we can all agree on, one team will be receiving rings and there is no reason you and all your party guests can’t either. Ring Pops for the win!

Enjoy the big game!

Be Kind,


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