I can’t be the only one excited about ‘Beauty and The Beast’ coming to theaters this weekend!?! My mom, sisters and I are going together to see it and I was inspired to bring the movie to life in my kitchen for a little pre-movie party!

Funfetti cake is my love language and I had these cupcakes in my mind for some time. However,  I couldn’t find the right vase toppers until the night before a snow day this week. I wandered the aisles of Michael’s and found these perfect mini-toppers and sugar red roses.

A sprinkle of some edible silver sparkle (fairy dust if you will) and these beauties are more than ready.

And of course, a Beauty & The Beast themed party needs some “dancing” silverware. I hot glued these gold plastic cutlery to sewing rings and voila! As the song goes, “the flatwares entertaining”, and of course, “Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.”.

Now, to keep my Prince from eating the rest of the cupcakes!

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