I can’t even believe we are currently packing for our big trip to Hawaii! And in doing so, I realized I never took the time to tell you all about our North Fork long weekend and I can’t let you miss out on ALL the goodness that is the fabulous wine + ocean country. And honestly, so many of you have asked for recommendations so this is my best way to share. Full disclosure, I owe all my North Fork knowledge to my friend Claudia, her love affair with this part of the island is unmatched and she ensures we know all.the.things. about it before we go. Thanks C! 

Before I blow you away with our trip (pun very much intended)…let’s review…first off, the North Fork is the northeast part of Long Island (the Hamptons being south of the North Fork). It’s a great mix of farm land (pumpkin season is magical here), seaside living and of course, vineyards. We went for a long weekend in early April with our friends Ashleigh and Jared and we had a blast. I’m going to break it down and let you in on all the places to eat and drink your way through the North Fork (warning, as per usual there are lots of barns and American Flags-I can’t help myself).

Classie’s Top 10  North Fork Recommendations:

    1. Kontokosta Winery -Now this my friends is how you build a winery-gorgeous barn and amazing ocean views. Plus, red Adirondack chairs to boot! Couldn’t you just move in here?

    2. Raphael’s  Winery- This place is like being transported to Italy, check out the architecture. They had live music, great views and the best bar crackers (is that even a thing to comment on? whatever. they were delicious and perfect for carb loading in the middle of our 5 vineyard day tour). We loved the lively vibe here. 
    3. 1943 Pizza Bar–Ahhhh-mazing, dare I say this might have been the best pizza from a wood burning oven, I’ve ever had. Plus, after you indulge in their pizzas, you can walk downstairs to their Speakeasy and enjoy a cocktail or a game of shuffleboard (sadly, I learned this is not my sport).
    4. Bedell Cellars– I love sitting outside of their tasting room, it has a great view and the Hamptons farmhouse exterior is right up my alley. Also, Bedell has the claim to fame of making the first New York wine to be served at a Presidential Inauguration, how about them apples (or I should say…grapes)?
    5. Duck Walk– This tasting room was a lot of fun, it was super casual and more laid back. We went to this one, second to last and it was nice to wind down here and relax a bit. 
    6. Erik’s Breakfast and Lunch -This is THE spot. We had lunch here after Kontokosta and it was delicious. We got it to go to meet our driver for the afternoon and we couldn’t believe how good the food was (also, couldn’t believe Jared + Jimmy surprised us with a driver).
    7. Martha Clara – We have made stopping here first a bit of a ritual since it is the first vineyard when coming from the west and breaks up the car ride (still about another half hour to Greenport). We love all the space and open land and the people are always really nice. Highly recommend.
    8. Greenport Harbor Brewery – If your more into beer, the Greenport Breweries are for you! The original is in downtown Greenport and a bigger brewery is out near some of the vineyards listed here. I had the best pretzel ( it was possibly fried) ever there and the boys enjoyed the brews!
    9. Osprey’s Dominion– This was our last vineyard of the day and we LOVED it! I mean it was totally our style, Americana, corn hole games, a fire pit and they were serving amazing meatball parm sliders (won over the Jersey crowd pretty easily).

    10. Love Lane Kitchen -This is an absolute must. First of all, the restaurant is literally on a street called Love Lane and it could not be more charming (it could pass as a place right out of Stars Hollow). I’ve had both dinner and breakfast here and I am obsessed- I dream about their blueberry pancakes. It’s a great location to stop in on your way out of the area.

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