I’m pretty guilty of eating triscuits and cheese for lunch and cereal for dinner on most days BUT not on vacation. No m’am, I feasted on our trip to Hawaii and i’m proud of it! Jimmy and I are trying to do a better job at branching out with our food choices (growing up in an Irish household-you just don’t venture too far from steak and potatoes) so on our trek to explore more in the culinary world, Kauai served us well.  Our first stop, Beach House. We were told by friends how amazing so we booked it for the first night and at first taste of the salted bread we knew we were in love. This yummy Mai Tai didn’t hurt either. The calamari was heaven and then, the Mahi-Mahi (caught a few hours prior) was the best fish meal i’ve ever had. Echoing our friends recommendations and if dining oceanside is your thing (and, of course it is) – go here!

Another absolute favorite in Poipu was Keoki’s Paradise. We sound like crazy carb lovers but the pumpkin muffins with cinnamon butter were mouthwatering, there is something about a Thanksgiving bread after a day in the sun that is comfort soul food. Yum! Here, we tried mongchong fish for the first time and it’s a new favorite! Also, my sister thought the short ribs were a top 3 favorite meal ever for her!

On the other end of the island, Bar Acuda, a tapas restaurant in Hannalei, was our last dinner on the island and we also loved it! It was raining but we still have fun enjoying the view and the variety of small plates.

On most days we were off on an adventure early in the morning so we ate on the go but the two days we relaxed a bit we  ate breakfast at Anuenue Cafe and both the banana macadamia nut pancakes and the french toast with a fresh slide of coconut on top were highlights to the trip for me. Naturally, one morning as I was indulging in pancakes and bacon my husband and sister were at CrossFit…you win some, you lose some…I won! But honestly, this place is G-O-O-D!

After feeling a bit guilty on skipping a workout..just kidding, I was thirsty…I went to get a cold pressed juice for lunch and refreshing was an understatement… best juice i’ve ever had!

Speaking of refreshing, you haven’t really lived until you’re roasting in the heat and come to a shave ice “truck”. I heard people talk about this shaved ice phenomenon but I really thought it was just like a Rita’s italian ice or those wonderful flavored ice treats we used to get at Disney on Ice shows…BUT NO…this is different! And wow. The ice is so thin and the flavors are closer to the real fruit than the alternates. Plus, the toppings of coconut or pineapple really pack a punch. I have a feeling i’ll be craving one of these puppies all summer.

If you are planning a trip to the Garden Isle, let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve already been any other dining favorites-as I know we will be back again! Excuse me while I go look up this week’s gym schedule…i’ve got some catching up to do.

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